Things I Have Written

How to set up anaconda -

String Formatting (making titles out of lowercase strings)


Quick Marginal Distribution Visualization with Seaborn

Piecewise-defined functions and 3D Matplotlib Plots

Drawing Lines atop scatterplots

Basics: Plotting a circle

Three-Dimensional Projections (with Linear Algebra)

Things Others Have Written

Jupyter Shortcuts

Learning Pandas (like R… for Python)

Scraping Webpages with Pandas

Using *args and **kwargs in Python

Package for SUPER EASY, unordered command-line flag/options/argument parsing. Make your Python apps slick AF

Jupyter Notebook Math Examples - Markdown Syntax

Magic in Jupyter - ctrl+F almost anything you can think of

Plotting Options in Python (2D Density Plots and more)

Some SymPy examples

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