Mathematics for Machine Learning

Article: Learn Math for Machine Learning

This article was one I found insightful and I agreed with most of its advice. Give it a read.

To frame the math prerequisites, I first propose different mindsets and strategies for approaching your math education outside of traditional classroom settings.

The links at the bottom of the article (partially reproduced below), led me to some thought-provoking reading:

Props to Vincent Chen of Y-Combinator for the weekend reading material.

My $0.02

If I had to contribute to this discussion, I would say to start with 3Blue1Brown’s video content.

He introduces the concepts in a digestible way and the use of animations is unmatched in beauty and efficacy. I’ve linked his playlists in the order I think it would be most effective to watch them.




What They Wont Teach You in Calculus

Understanding the Language of Math in Physics Models

Consider supporting Grant Sanderson so that he can continue to make excellent informational videos that highlight the beauty of mathematics. Lastly, the code he uses to make the animations is open-source and very cool, but definitely a challenge to learn how to use at first.

That’s all, folks! Enjoy the educational resources (including my evolving list of ML content).

Michael Pilosov
An (applied) mathematician on a mission. Based in Denver, CO.