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Assets for SIAM Advertising

I have been advertising events hosted by SIAM for several years now as part of my dedication to service to my graduate department at CU Denver. One thing I consistently struggled with was finding high-quality versions of the SIAM logo for use in the posters I was making.

I still do not understand why their website assets are consistently ranked as irrelevant on Google image search For the longest time I was pulling images from other people’s websites that Google was scraping more successfully. I am writing this resource page in hopes that it will show up when people search for it in the future and that I can link you directly to the source and do SIAM a service by ending the days of low-resolution logos on advertising materials.

So, once and for all, here is where you can find downloads of all of their logo variants:

(I have provided the one-click downloads below)

  • The best thing to do is to directly download PNG files since they are vector files that preserve details at any scale.

  • If you want to use Illustrator or Inkscape, the EPS versions may be of interest to you. They are also infinitely scalable but are significantly larger files.

  • But if you insist on using lossy-compression JPEGs, here is the download for that.


Note: I have also uploaded these files to my website in the event that SIAM’s download links experience a problem.

Download PNG zip file directly.

Download JPG zip file directly.

Also, do note that SIAM’s website has a style manual that answers useful questions such as

  • When do I capitalize the first word of a list item?
  • How do I properly abbreviate and use acronyms?
  • What are SIAM’s feelings towards commas?

and much, much more.

Michael Pilosov
An (applied) mathematician on a mission. Denver, CO.